A Great Gift

On Holy Trinity Sunday Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin held its final worship service. It is never an easy thing for a congregation to close its doors. But the saints at Lamb of God decided that they would bring good out of their sorrow by helping two mission congregations: Emmaus Lutheran Mission in Big Timber, Montana, and University Lutheran Chapel.

Lamb of God’s congregational chairman, Mark Bernhardt said it simply: “Amid the sadness of dissolution, it is comforting to know those treasured things we collected from other congregations for use in worship at God’s Divine Service will pass to your congregation.” There is a bit of the resurrection in this. That which is passing away in one place will find new life in another.

Altar, reredos and crucifix

Lamb of God’s gift to ULC includes among other items:

  • an altar with reredos and crucifix
  • a raised pulpit
  • communion rails
  • a baptismal font
  • paraments and vestments
  • LSB hymnals
  • Candle stands
  •  a lectern
  • pews and chairs

These items will be used in conjunction with some of the items ULC retained from the old chapel (like our altar) and will help us create a beautiful liturgical space for our new chapel.

Abbott & Sieker Organ
A six-rank Abbot and Seeker organ donated to ULC

ULC also received a small pipe organ which will help tide us over until we can raise funds to build an organ of our own and generous gift of $25,000 from the sale of Lamb of God’s church building. These funds will be used to move and store the items given us and to help us build the new chapel.

What a great blessing the Lord has bestowed upon us through the members of Lamb of God! May He who brings life out of death and joy out of sorrow, keep them in His grace always.

Lamb of God sanctuary
The sanctuary of Lamb of God Lutheran before it closed. All of the larger furnishings have been donated to ULC.

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