Attendance Up at ULC Services

Back at the end of March we compiled data on the health of ULC as a congregation for inclusion in the Build-It-Back Prospectus. One of the charts we included showed the average weekly attendance at ULC services over the past 20 years (see below).

ULC Membership Attendance

Worship at Luther - Sept 2012
A ULC Sunday service at Luther Seminary’s Chapel of the Cross

This chart shows the 2015 attendance through March. As anyone who has been involved in campus ministry knows, attendance in summer tends to drop precipitously as there are far fewer students in church, no midweek services to attend, and sparser participation by local members of the congregation too. And even during the school year attendance can dip and spike from semester to semester.

So, as we approach the end of the calendar year, I thought it would be interesting to see where ULC’s average weekly attendance for 2015 is at now, and to break that down by semester. Here’s what we have so far this year based on the records we’ve kept:

2015 Attendance

When you combine all of these figures together our average attendance throughout the year is currently at about 124/week. But our average weekly attendance this semester is 144/week. Imagine how many more might come to church once Sunday worship is made more accessible to students at the new chapel!

Now is a great time to help make that new chapel a reality and help us welcome students to church. As you probably have heard already – all contributions received in December will be matched up to a total of $55,000. Please give, or pledge to give, as generously as you are able.


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