By Brenda Schmidt

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.04.41 AMI first discovered University Lutheran Chapel after college graduation.  Though I grew up in the metro area of Minneapolis, I went away for college in Nebraska and ended up returning home to find a job.  Though I was originally from the area, I had lost contact with many of my old friends, and a lot of them had moved away.  I felt like a transplant in a new city.

In my attempt to make some new friends I tried a variety of secular social activities, but desperately missed friends who understood my Lutheran outlook on the world.  When I learned about ULC, I was so excited to go and meet people my age, who understood my values and beliefs.  Sure enough, at my very first church service at ULC, another person invited me to sit with her and she is one of my closest friends now, six years later.

ULC is unique in their activities both inside and outside the sanctuary, but it’s what was outside the sanctuary that meant the most to me at that time in my life.  Things like “Faith Goes to the Movies,” a movie night where we watch a movie and then discuss theological concepts, are refreshing for a young person to attend because they are theological and yet social, and help to cultivate strong friendships within the church.  I would be a different person today if I hadn’t met my church family to walk through life with me, not only on Sundays.  I’m further impressed by the fact that we live in an age where many churches sacrifice sound theology for the sake of “relating” to a younger generation.  ULC is living proof that’s not necessary.

I can’t speak for every member, but for me, this is why I go to ULC.  It’s easy to feel lost in the world today, or get caught up in daily life, but I have ULC to remind me about what’s most important and to continue to build friendships and learn more about Christ and his grace.  University Lutheran Chapel will always be my home.

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