ULC Receives $500K Grant from MNS District for New Chapel

It has been in the works for a while, but we are excited to announce that last week the Minnesota South District Board of Directors approved a campus ministry grant of $500,000.00 to ULC to help us build the new chapel at the U of M. The motion to approve the grant, which was part of a larger campus ministry plan for the entire District, passed unanimously at the May 3rd meeting. What a difference four years and having new, supportive District leadership can make!

(I know many of you will ask, so I’ll say this up front: this is a no-strings-attached grant to help us build. ULC will still be the sole owner of the property.)

The $500K grant that ULC will receive is a portion of the monies the MNS District has been holding for the sake of campus ministry since the sale of the old ULC chapel and the campus chapel at Mankato State University. With no campus ministry plan passed at the 2012 convention, and a complete change of leadership with the retirement of former DP Lane Seitz and the election of Rev. Dean Nadasdy at the same 2012 convention, the question of what to do with the money loomed large at the 2015 district convention. You may recall that a resolution was passed (with overwhelming support) directing the District leadership to come up with a comprehensive plan for campus ministry for the entire District, but with special emphasis on the ministries at the U of M (ULC), Mankato State, and Concordia St. Paul, and with attention to ULC’s need for a permanent place of worship. A campus ministry committee was formed of campus pastors and other campus workers, and then a smaller working committee, of which I was a part.

renderings on titleblocks.psdA plan was drafted by that smaller working committee and, with the support of President Nadasdy and our MNS mission exec, Rev. William Utech, went before the missions committee, and then up the chain to the Board of Directors, where it was approved! This campus ministry plan will be a help to many campuses in our District, and especially to ULC as we look to break ground on the new chapel later in 2016 (God willing!). For this we give thanks to Christ, who continues to so very graciously care for His flock at ULC and to uphold the mission of bringing the Gospel to the students of the U of M.

If you’ve taken the time to look over our new Build-it-Back Prospectus you will see that this $500K grant is but one part of the funding needed to make the new chapel a reality (its listed as “requested grants” under Sources of Additional Funding). But this grant puts us on the home stretch. We hope you will consider supporting the Build-it-Back project by making a pledge today. ULC Pledge card  You can also contribute online by clicking the “Donate Now” Luther picture on this page.

The new chapel is finally within reach! By God’s grace and with your help it will happen.


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