Builder Chosen for New Chapel

ULC’s building committee has been working for several years with our architects at HTG, to design a beautiful and cost-conscious chapel. We are pleased to announce that we have now settled on a builder as well: Vanman Builders. Vanman has actually been working with us for almost as long as HTG has – giving estimates, providing design feedback, offering ideas to achieve the results we desire – all without charge so far. We’ve found them to be very helpful along the way.

VanmanFor the sake of being thorough and responsible, however, we requested bids from two other builders with experience in church construction. One company decided out project wasn’t a good fit for them (too small of a project); the other, while from all appearances a really good builder, came in with a bid much higher than Vanman’s estimates. So, due diligence done, we are happy to continue working with Vanman and to being one step closer to building the new University Lutheran Chapel.

If you are interested, you can check out Vanman’s work here, and HTG’s work here.

You can be a part of our team too. Every pledge received, every contribution given, however large or small, puts us a step closer to realizing the goal of a new chapel at the U of M.


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