A Church-wide Impact

By Pastor Kind

Like many of you I have been watching national politics unfold on my computer screen. Oh no, not Hillary and Donald… more like Harrison, and Mueller, and Preus. Last week the Missouri Synod held its triennial national convention in Milwaukee, which, between VBS sessions and other pastoral duties, I was able to watch on my laptop. It was one of the best conventions I’ve seen.

LCMS Convention 2016
Delegates at work during the LC-MS national convention last week. 

While several important doctrinal and practical issues were hammered out and voted upon, to my mind, the most important part of the convention was the elections. Putting solid, orthodox, confessional Lutheran pastors and lay people into positions of influence and leadership in the church has, humanly speaking, far more impact than passing this or that resolution. For without solid leaders who will confess and defend our theology on a day to day basis in their roles as leaders of the synod, resolutions voted on every three years won’t matter very much. And this year I was very pleased with the quality of the people elected to hold such positions.


I was surprised to see how many of those elected this year have, at one time or another, been members or students at University Lutheran Chapel. By my count 45 lay people were elected to serve our synod in some leadership capacity. Five of those are former ULC folks! Think about that. That’s more than 10% of the lay leaders elected to office at this convention! Here they are:

  • Kristine Bruss – Board for International Mission
  • Crysten Sanchez – Board for National Mission
  • Carla Claussen – Board for National Mission
  • Paul Edmon – Board of Regents, Concordia Seminary
  • Sandra Ostapowich – Board of Regents, Concordia Irvine
Pitkus at convention 2016
ULC alum, Andrea Pitkus, addressing the convention. Andrea serves on the synod’s CTCR. 

And that’s on top of others from ULC who are already serving at the synodical and district levels throughout our synod. We currently have a few alumni who are District Vice Presidents, one serving on the CTCR, several serving on other national boards, even more serving on District Boards of Directors – not to mention all of those who serve as leaders in their local congregations.


What is true of campus ministries in general has been especially true of ULC. They are incubators for future church leaders. Through the students who are brought to faith, catechized, deepened and strengthened in their faith under their care, they have an impact not just on their local region or district, but on the whole of the Church.

One of those elected, Paul Edmon, said this about it on his Facebook page when responding to congratulations from pastor Marcus Zill (who heads up campus ministry for the LC-MS): “Thank you. I pray to do my best. I will admit it is only by the amazing campus ministry at University Lutheran Chapel shepherded by Rev. David Kind that I am any where near the orthodox Lutheran I am today…”

This synod-wide, Church-wide, impact is just another reason we believe that the work and future of ULC is worthy of your prayers and financial support.


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