Construction Ahead… Expect Delays

Expect DelaysIt seems that every building project faces some delays, so I suppose that it was inevitable that ULC’s new chapel project would face them too.

Due to new and higher cost estimates from our builder, some revisions are being made to our plans. New design drawings will be shared on as soon as we have them. We hope to make such changes as will have a minimal impact on the structure, layout and aesthetic of the nave and chancel; and that will cut expenses on items that can either be redesigned, eliminated altogether, or eliminated temporarily to be added back at some time in the future.

Because of the need for revision, the plans have not yet been submitted to the city of Minneapolis Planning Commission. We hope to bring the design to them next month for their final approval. This means that groundbreaking will now be delayed until June or July. And completion of the new chapel has, therefore, also been delayed well beyond our original target date of Reformation 2017. We now anticipate construction to be finished by February or March of 2018.

On the bright side, our fundraising efforts went very well in 2016 and continue to go well in 2017 too. Cash and pledges received through March 31, 2017 for the new chapel project total $1,889,392.02. Included in this total are $214,250.93 in outstanding pledges of $350,784.94 pledged in 2016, and the $500,000 grant received from the Minnesota South District in 2016. $45,827 has been spent so far on construction.

Please continue to pray with us that the chapel construction may begin soon. If you are contributing to the Build-it-Back fund, we say a very big “thank you” to you. If you have not contributed yet or would like to do so again, you can do so by clicking the Martin Luther “Donate Now” button to the right of your screen. With increased building costs every contribution matters.

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