Construction Delayed Until Spring

As some of you have already heard, construction of our new chapel has been delayed due to issues in getting our building permits from the City of Minneapolis. Recent decisions by the city’s plan reviewer have resulted in issues that could add well over $100K to the cost of construction. While we are hopeful that these issues will soon be settled, the delay has pushed our potential construction start date deeper into the cold months of winter. Beginning construction now would also add significantly to costs (due both to the costs of working in winter and to the reluctance of contractors to bid on the job.) So we have decided both to reconsider the aspects of the chapel design that are causing difficulty with the city’s plan reviewer and to delay construction until the early Spring.

While we are so very eager to get our new chapel built, we are also eager to be cost conscious and to use the resources the Lord has entrusted to us wisely. We ask for your continued prayers as we work through the issues with the City’s plan reviewer, and that all moves forward smoothly, that the new chapel at the U of M be erected as soon as possible.

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