$20,000 Advent & Christmas Gift Matching

Christmas gifts on the wooden backgroundChristmas is often called a time for giving. As Christians we know that Advent and Christmas are actually more about receiving than giving: receiving the prophecies of the coming Messiah, receiving the gifts that the Messiah has won for us and bestows upon us through His Church, receiving the message of His coming again, receiving the proclamation of His birth anew as we celebrate His incarnation, life and work among men for salvation. We receive so very much from the hands of our Savior! And during these seasons we rejoice in what He gives us.

But it is also proper give in response to the gifts we receive. This year I present you with a wonderful opportunity to help us fund the newly dedicated University Lutheran Chapel. A generous donor has offered to match every gift received into the Build-it-Back Fund by the end of December dollar for dollar up to $20,000!

And we still need your help. The chapel has been built, and is now in use; but it is in need of some finishing touches. There’s a sacristy lacking cabinetry, a vestry in need of a wall (yes, a wall!) and storage cabinets, a choir loft in need of risers, and the list goes on! This year we also hope to be able to begin work on a communion rail and a new pulpit to improve both the seeing and hearing of the sermon. And there’s the expense of servicing the mortgage, which, though small in terms of most mortgages for the new construction of churches, is large in terms of a campus congregation’s resources.

Now is a great time to give and to show your ongoing support or the new University Lutheran Chapel and our ministry to students at the University of Minnesota. To donate, you can send a check to us at 316 10th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN, or donate online through our web portal. And may our Lord grant you and most blessed season of receiving His gifts.


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